Sundrop Shot

Sun Drop – refreshing sunscreen shot

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Sun Drop is a refreshing shot that supports tanning, moisturizes the body from the inside and provides the skin with the necessary ingredients.

Sun Drop consists of beta-carotene at foremost, which is responsible for accelerating tanning. Thanks to green tea and aloe, the shot deeply moisturises skin from the inside and has strong anti-aging effects. The complex of B vitamins, vitamins A and E as well as biotin complement the skin, hair and nails with strength and adding shine ingredients, and additionally – it soothes irritations.

Yes, Sun Drop is a vegan product, gluten-free and GMO-free.

Absolutely! Sun Drop works perfectly with tanning products (accelerators or bronzers) in the field of skin care and moisturization.

Offer applies to a set of 12 Sun Drop shots of 80 ml.

The promotion only applies to owners of solarium studio’s who are interested in testing Sun Drop shots. It is only possible to try Sun Drop once.